Potential for investors rises as the UK rental market recovers

September 2014 saw Central London rental values increase for the seventh consecutive month, and analysis shows that annual growth is at its highest rate in two and a half years since recovery began in the capital. Fortunately, the UK economy is regaining health after the crash, and research by the Office for National Statistics highlighted the fact that the economy of the country was 2.7% larger in the second quarter of 2014 in comparison to the pre-crisis peak. Rental value is soon expected to mirror figures we were seeing before the fractured economy led to substantial falls in 2011.

If we look at the amount of people seeking rental properties in September, there was a 22% increase from the same month in 2013 along with a 19% increase for January through to September. With the 2015 general election imminent, we can also expect unrest within the property world that will impact positively on the rental market. The inherent uncertainty of the election serves to somewhat diminish general interest in property purchase.

Statistics and projections such as these are very good news for tenants, landlords and investors alike. As more and more people search for homes to rent rather than buy the demand for suitable properties increases and creates a world of opportunity for all owners and developers. Due to the fact that the figures are showing the highest increases in three years, it is the perfect time for investors and landlords to guarantee their income and maximise their returns.

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