A portfolio of properties has the potential to reap a large amount of profit

Hosting a portfolio of properties holds many distinct advantages over owning just one property. You may own many different types of properties, from flats to hostels, meaning that you can appeal to a range of potential tenants and buyers with your property. It also means that, if you choose to let, you are making more income over someone who lets a single property. Hosting a portfolio, even if every property is spread across several boroughs, means increased work, but it means increased profits in turn.

Between January and July of this year, property prices skyrocketed an astounding 8.2%, meaning that prices have risen too. If you are one of the lucky people with a portfolio of properties and are looking to sell one or several, then now is a good time to do so. Surging house prices are making millionaires out of a wealth of investors and you can join their ranks as well. As long as you choose your timing wisely, the profit that is reaped by your investment can prove to be much more than you originally expected.

There are many ways in which to make a healthy amount of profit from a portfolio of properties. Viewings of potential houses have jumped 10% along with the prices and the rental market in particular is thriving, meaning that those looking to let properties from their portfolio are in a position to make impressive profit. The rising house prices also means that, should your portfolio contain properties bought several years ago, you can make a huge boost of profit over the initial cost of the property. With the average cost of homes predicted to rise to £500,000 next year, this is an exciting time in the world of London property.

London is a highly desirable area to live in, particularly sought after areas such as Kensington and Chelsea or Hammersmith and Fulham. It’s sought after not just by British citizens, but by people all over the world who are looking to invest in properties in one of the world’s mist unique and dynamic cities. With a multitude of companies making this great city their home, many need to relocate their workers into properties, something which you should seriously consider and which our team at Finefair can help with. Lettings can be a great way to use your investment property – we are an experienced letting agent which means that we can provide all the help you need to find and retain high quality tenants. Adventurous  investors may benefit from selling a property and purchasing another. With the housing market growing at a phenomenal pace, there is no telling what the months ahead hold and there is a possibility that greater gains are possible. Whether a foreign or domestic buyer, the value of property in the capital continues to grow and now is a good time to start looking at starting or expanding your portfolio. You can read more about investors who have made excellent profits on their properties by clicking here.