Policing tenancy fraud in Havering

Havering Council has been working hard over the last two years to crack down on tenancy fraud. They set up a specific team dedicated to the task and since 2015 these officers have visited over 8,400 properties across the Borough. The local authority recently reported that this scheme has resulted in savings of over £5million.

The idea of the home visits is to determine who lives in properties and how they are used. Some tenants illegally profit from council homes, particularly by subletting or claiming to live alone when there are other occupants in the property.

There are some very severe penalties for anybody caught committing tenancy fraud. A fine of up to £50,000 could be issued or a two year jail sentence. Illegal profits made on properties could also be demanded to be repaid to the local authority.

Over the past two years the Tenancy Fraud Team has overseen investigations that have led to over 50 properties being recovered. In that period the number of local residents offering tips to the investigative team has risen dramatically too.

The above shows how committed the local council is to tackling housing problems. They also moved to improve standards in the private sector with a HMO licensing scheme. As a result landlords need to be very careful and ensure they meet their responsibilities.

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