A new pilot scheme to name and shame rogue landlords and letting agents

Camden remains a very popular area to live in because of its character and the fantastic location. Residents in the rental sector may also be pleased to learn that the Council is one of six to sign up to a scheme piloted by the Mayor of London. The new database will name and shame landlords and letting agents that don’t meet the highest standards.

The database will be the first central tool of its type for renters to call on. It will give them more information about who they are renting from before they sign a tenancy agreement. This will help them to be more proactive and protect themselves from dealing with rogue landlords.

In addition the database will allow tenants to report their landlords or the letting agents that represent them if they fail to deliver the right standards. The aim is to protect renters from being exploited and having to deal with unacceptable living conditions; two things the Mayor of London is so committed to cracking down on that he included them in his manifesto.

Landlords and letting agents found guilty of a number of practices in Camden or the other five areas could find themselves added to the database. These include;

Charging overly-inflated rents
Illegal rises in rents
Illegal evictions
Poor quality accommodation
Incorrect maintenance

Anybody who has been successfully prosecuted for housing offences will also be included in the database.

The private sector is largely unregulated and many instances of bad practices are missed as a result. It is hoped the new scheme will help to deter rogue landlords and letting agents, leading to improved standards across the board.

At Finefair we are committed to delivering the very highest standards with every single service we offer. One we provide is guaranteed rent in Camden, providing great assurances on the rental income for our clients. Simultaneously we work to ensure that every property is properly managed and kept in the best condition. Part of our focus is always on ensuring that tenants are happy.

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