Orpington is peaceful but offers a quick commute

Orpington may be based close to the M25 and the Green Belt in Bromley, South East London but it offers a faster commute to the City and London Bridge than many other areas. Commuters can reach either of these destinations in around half an hour or stay on trains a little longer to travel to Charing Cross or Victoria.

The town has a lot of staying power thanks to the property scene and the array of attractions on offer. In terms of the first there are homes in various shapes and sizes, from one and two bedroom apartments all the way to period detached homes, modern mansions, and private estates. Rental properties are in very high demand, particularly among younger commuters. Over time people can get on the ladder and many choose to remain so they can move up it.

There are plenty of great attractions in Orpington for residents to enjoy. The high street is home to a number of shops and restaurants. A new market square will put an emphasis on street food starting this autumn. There is also the Nugent out of town shopping centre on Cray Avenue, just two and a half miles away.

Not surprisingly being this close to the Green Belt means Orpington has plenty of open space. Priory Gardens is home to a medieval house, the oldest property in town. It will soon become artist studios. The site has an ornamental garden, a lake, and a play area for children. Goddington Park and Poverest Park are both home to sporting pitches. High Elms is the largest though, covering 250 acres and home to woodlands and a wildflower meadow. There is a 150 acre golf course too.

Families are drawn to Orpington for the great local schools. There are a number of options for state primary school, many of them rated outstanding by Ofsted. The two sixth form grammar schools are highly competitive and there is also a comprehensive; all three have high ratings.

As a highly rated lettings agent Bromley landlords appreciate working closely with, we understand why people are drawn to investing in Orpington. The area has a lot to offer and long term potential for growth. We can provide a wide array of services, supporting investors and adapting to suit their objectives.

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