Opposing views on London’s property market

The biggest problem with expert analysts is that there are, it seems, just too many different views. When experts express opposing views on a particular subject it can become confusing for everyone trying to understand what’s going on – especially when those opinions tend to move far away from the obvious, practical parts of a subject. A very good example of this is how experts and analysts are currently presenting conflicting views on the nature of the London property market. Whilst we hold the credentials and qualifications of most property experts in high regard, we do wonder if they have not got so caught up in interpreting facts that they might have forgotten the important, basic principles of investment properties.

If you pick up a variety of magazines and newspapers relating to London property, you are going to experience reading several different views on the current state of the market. For every expert that says the time is now right to sell, one will say it is not. The same applies to those looking at buying. For every analyst that says London property prices will drop soon, another will say that the prices will continue to increase. However, we know that property in London always has been, and always will be, in the greatest of demand. As one of the most popular and attractive cities in the world, investment properties here are always an excellent asset to have.

However, to make sure that you are making the very best decisions when it comes to investment properties and lettings, you need someone on your side that has an in depth and intrinsic knowledge of London. Time and again we have proven to be the most knowledgeable and the most effective advisors, investment experts and lettings agent in Kensington and Chelsea and the rest of the capital. If you are looking for a new home in London, or seeking to make an investment in “buy to let” property, we are the peerless preference for complete assistance.