Opportunities in Paddington

Finefair appreciates the value landlords can expect from blocks of homes. We have the skills and knowledge to manage these properties effectively, ensuring the best returns. In terms of performance we are the top team for block management City of Westminster has to offer.

Paddington is one of the most interesting areas in Central London. The location is amazing, north of Hyde Park and east of Marylebone. There are exciting transport links, ensuring locals can travel quickly across the capital. In addition there are all kinds of amenities to enjoy.

Over the years a lot of effort has gone into gentrification, including billions of pounds in investments. The aim was to make this one of the most desirable residential areas in the whole of London. While many locations have improved and benefited, there are others that need to be reinvented. Many people believe that Crossrail may be what triggers this.

The thing to keep in mind about Paddington is that the reputation of the area makes it one of the cheapest locations in the West End. Per square foot prices are cheaper than neighbouring areas like Mayfair and Notting Hill. As a result there is great potential.

What type of homes?

The street layout in the area dates to the mid 19th century. As you would expect there are plenty of Victorian terraces as a result. A number of these properties are now split into flats, making them perfect for couples and young professionals. In addition some period townhouses and mews homes remain.

There are a number of new builds in the area too. The highest concentration is near Paddington Basin. Attractive newer apartments can be found along the canal too.

Homes in close proximity to Hyde Park tend to command the most value. Close proximity to Paddington Station can also increase the price of homes.

The area is particularly popular with renters because of the more affordable prices and the close proximity to transport links. Students flock to the area, choosing modern flats with great facilities. Young professionals also like these homes.

If you are considering investing in an area with a wealth of potential this could be it. Finefair can help, especially if you are looking at blocks of properties. As we said we are the top team for block management City of Westminster has, offering consistent high quality services.

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