A useful online service for landlords

The Councils for the London Boroughs of Newham and Havering agreed a fantastic deal in 2013 which saw a great partnership formed between their back offices. The move was not politically orientated; instead the focus was on maximising efficiency and delivering the best possible support. The relationship has provided several fantastic benefits and there are plans to extend it.

One of the biggest benefits of the relationship is enjoyed by landlords in both areas. Both Councils utilise an online service to allow them to get a licence to operate. The licences are required for every single property that is leased. The aim is to ensure that every property is fit for habitation, protecting the needs and wellbeing of the inhabitants. They also cut down on rogue landlords who let properties illegally, resulting in excessive noise, waste, and overcrowding.

The service has enjoyed an incredible 99% success rate, rewarding good landlords by making it easier to apply for a licence whilst also penalising rogues. There is even a feature in the system that captures the data that is input in the system so that even if the application process is abandoned the information can be examined. This can really help the authorities to find landlords who don’t meet their obligations.

The system has helped to improve the situation in Newham whilst also generating a huge amount of money for the Council. The service allows landlords to pay online for a licence and also helps to ensure that council tax collections for properties are correct based on the number of people living in the properties.

At Finefair we have a great working relationship with Newham and Havering Councils. We work with them on council leasing, helping to guide more landlords into letting their properties in this manner. Our services in the areas are varied, also ensuring that landlords get the support they need. As part of this we can provide advice about licensing and tackle things like block management. If you would like information please contact us; we are sure you’ll appreciate the professionalism and quality we offer.