Offering guaranteed rent schemes to Merton investors and landlords

At Finefair we are very pleased to offer all landlords and investors the outstanding convenience of our guaranteed rent in Merton and many other London boroughs. Our schemes are simply the perfect choice for all busy landlords that are struggling to juggle the responsibility of managing a property with their own lives. Our schemes are specifically constructed to afford you the luxury of freedom and a worry free experience.

Our schemes provide a long list of benefits and you will be able to take that step back from the situation and relax as we employ our expertise and experience. From day one your valuable investment will be taken care of by consummate professionals that will locate an appropriate tenant that you will never have to engage with. Our skill and vast knowledge enables us to obtain the maximum rent possible on your behalf and your account will be hit with the first payment within 24 hours of commencement of the scheme. Guaranteed rent in Merton means that you will receive a regular income from your property and under no circumstances will you ever incur any void periods. We maintain consistent, regular payments to each and every one of our valued clients.

Financial security and the appealing vision of a prosperous future is what you want and we strive to help you achieve it. We pledge to help all investors and landlords receive maximum return and your partnership with us will focus completely on achieving the very best for you in all areas. Furthermore we are happy to provide you with this extraordinary service entirely FREE of charge. You will at no time receive any commission fees and we will handle all bills related to the property including council tax.

Every successful and lucrative venture requires hard work and dedication but the beauty of our scheme is that all the necessary hard work is done by us yet you still reap the rewards. All the managerial aspects such as inspections, repairs and paperwork falls to us and we carry out every aspect with total professionalism. All our schemes are extremely flexible and are put in place for your benefit so it stands to reason that you will be wholly satisfied. You can participate in the scheme for a year or up to a decade, the choice is yours and when your professional relationship with us concludes you will find your property to be in its original condition.