Offering guaranteed rent for your investment

Kensington and Chelsea is a Royal borough located in central London, noted for being one of the most upscale and sought after boroughs in the city. It boasts a huge array of attractions and entertainment, as well as some of the most expensive and luxurious properties in the world.

Property prices in the area have experienced a good rise over the past few years. Many owners of investment properties in Kensington and Chelsea are turning towards guaranteed rent to ensure that their investments pay for themselves. We pride ourselves on providing guaranteed rent services that all kinds of landlords can place their trust in.

The borough is an amalgamation of the former individual boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea, the borough contains a number of districts that are among the most sought after in the capital. These include Notting Hill, Earl’s Court, Chelsea and Belgravia. There is a lot of wealth radiating around the districts, though there are poorer areas and places which are in great need of more housing. In the borough itself are a number of attractions which bring in tourists and investors from across the world. These include the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Saatchi Gallery, Notting Hill Gate, Royal Albert Hall, Olympia and Portobello Road, famous for its market. Such a beautiful and diverse borough is popular with those investing in property, and the desire for property in the area means that demand for housing is high.

For landlords, finding the right tenant is vital. However, the period between finding them and having them actually move into your property can be significant, meaning that you are losing money on your property. A guaranteed rent scheme can help you to keep your income steady whilst you search for the right tenant for your property.

Our guaranteed rent scheme offers everything you need to get the most out of your property and ensure that you receive regular income even during the void period. From the moment that you sign up with us, you will receive payments on the first Friday of every month. Even while the place is vacant, you will receive complete payment for your property, and will be paid the highest possible guaranteed rent. All of this is provided whilst we take care of practically everything in regards to the property, including maintenance and inspections.

When you use our services, you can be guaranteed that our customer service is second to none and that we will do all that we can to ensure complete satisfaction. The moment that the lease period is over, your property will be returned to you in the condition that you leased it to us in.