Northwick Park has lots to offer

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Northwick Park is a popular area because it is so close to the iconic Harrow School. The interesting thing is originally the school was against the development and bought the land. Initially there was a golf course on the former farm land. Ultimately high demand for housing and the arrival of the railway resulted in the creation of a new suburb.

When development came, planning was an important focus. This is because the aim was to make sure the estate was laid out properly. The project couldn’t live up to this and part of the remaining land became open space after the local council purchased it.

High profile arrivals

The arrival of two high profile organisations resulted in big changes in the area. The first was Harrow technical college in 1959. The college is on the site of the golf course. It is now a campus of the University of Westminster.

The second arrival was Northwick Park Hospital. The hospital is huge and takes up some of the former public space set aside by the council. Construction began in the 60s before completion and opening in 1970.

Although part of the open space was lost, a 120-acre park remains. It is home to a number of great sports facilities including football pitches and also a golf course.

A new estate was built in the area in 2001. It was initially worker housing and has consequently become a very popular, multi-cultural neighbourhood.


As you can see the area has plenty to offer, including close proximity to great schools and top facilities. As a result it is proving to be quite an attractive spot for investors.

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