Northolt is made up of various residential areas

Northolt is the most north-eastern part of the London Borough of Ealing. It was traditionally a rural area used for agriculture. The area began to develop in the 1920s, becoming a popular suburban settlement in the process. Nowadays it is largely residential but still retains a number of green areas.

A racing past

One of the most interesting things about the area is the history of pony racing. A racetrack opened in 1929 and became a very popular feature of the area. Sadly it only survived until the Second World War. At that time the army took over use of the site. From 1951 to 1955 housing was built on the land because of the severe shortage. Racing has never returned although a stretch of the track is still visible and the original gates remain.

The residential nature of the area makes it great for families. They love the open spaces and proximity to schools, leisure centres, and shops. In addition there are fantastic transport links from the local Tube station. It is on the Central Line, therefore trips to Oxford Circus take around half an hour. Liverpool Street is just ten minutes further away.

Value for money

The area can offer good value for buyers and renters alike. The average price is currently around £380,000, or 37% behind the figure for the whole of London. The rental average is around £250 per week, an impressive 60% behind the average for the capital.

Finefair operates across the Borough, including in Northolt. We support landlords, investors and tenants, ensuring each of them get the assistance and services they need. Our experience is extensive and consequently places us as one of the very best for estate management Ealing has to offer.

Northolt is home to several different estates. To the south it is mostly social housing whereas the north is home to mainly private housing. We can work with various kinds of estate, delivering a first rate service every time.

If they would like to discuss estate management Ealing landlords can contact us. We are here to help and look to ensure every service is the right one.