News for council tax and empty Lewisham properties

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News For Owners Of Empty Homes

There are hundreds of empty homes in Lewisham. The people who own these will need to recognise that, from April, the rate of council tax will double. This move is because the council want to improve the area and plan to generate over £400k across the next 12 months.

In the past, Lewisham Council was able to charge a 50% premium on homes that were empty. The new higher levy can be on homes that have been empty for two or more years.

With the new change coming into force in April, owners have plenty of time to find people to move in before being affected by it. This will push them to rent or sell their empty properties rather than letting them sit vacant.

People expect the increase in tax for this year to raise £458,418. The council also has plans for the future to continue raising the rate. This will help boost access to affordable housing in the borough for people and families instead of leaving them struggling. The higher tax will help with bringing houses back into use and for raising funds that the council will put towards the needs of the borough.

There is unfortunately a housing crisis as people need to find somewhere to live. This rise in tax will help reduce the number of homes that are empty for long periods of time. Council tax collection has remained steady over the last few years. An increase will allow funds to go where people need them most and will help improve the area.

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