Newham property continues to grow in popularity

For the most part, coverage of the London property market tends to focus on the higher end of the market. When an exclusive, multi-million pound property is sold, it often becomes headline news. For this reason, it is easy to understand why there is a widespread belief that living in London is unaffordable, but in reality this is not the case. Plaistow, in the London Borough of Newham, is one excellent example of affordable London living, highlighting the fact that it is very possible for people to live in the capital.

It was widely reported that Newham, and particularly Plaistow, experienced one of the highest rates of increase in property value last year, with average values increasing by some 22% over 2015. This is close to double the overall average growth in London, which may create the impression that properties within the Borough must then be the most expensive. The truth is that despite the remarkable growth in value, the Borough remains one of the most affordable places to live in the capital. That properties in Plaistow and across Newham are showing such remarkable growth is a factor which is highly appealing to investors.

Although Newham is one of the more affordable boroughs to live in, the dynamics of the market at this stage mean that more people prefer to live in rented homes rather than buying them. This makes the current situation all the more preferable for property investors, as a strong rental market enables an assured level of return on their investment. With our comprehensive property management services, we can ensure that you access these returns.

Newham is just one of the many areas where we are able to deliver our superior property services. We are in the prestigious position of being a preferred supplier of services to the majority of the London Boroughs, so property owners know they can confidently rely on us to deliver them the success they want within the London property market. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a property in London, or are looking for expert management and letting services, time and again we have proven to be the people to deliver it.