New rules for estate regeneration protect residents

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New rules for estate regeneration

Across London a number of estates are the focus of regeneration plans. In many cases the local authorities are looking to replace old homes with new modern ones. In addition the work can create extra homes and amenities on the sites.

Some of the projects are a big success but others have negative press. The biggest concerns are that the work will affect residents and also result in a loss of social housing. This can lead to local campaigns against the work. One of the most famous is in Earls Court. There was such a backlash against the proposals that the project has lost a lot of value and the original plan has been scrapped.

The Mayor of London recently revealed new rules regarding estate regeneration in the capital. This will ensure that existing residents will have a say on every single project if homes face demolition. The new ruling comes in after 88% of responders were in favour of a draft proposal earlier this year.

Funding clawback

Many estate regeneration projects in London require funding from City Hall. As a result they need to meet specific requirements. The Mayor of London’s new rules ensure current residents have a voice. It also means that the Mayor’s office can clawback funds if a project does not honour original offers such as any guarantees to protect or create social housing.

The Mayor of Lewisham has already shown support for the new rules. He believes they will put residents at the heart of estate renewal and also ensure their needs are met.

Finefair appreciates the massive impact estate regeneration can have on areas. We are on hand to help investors, including providing the very best council leasing Lewisham has to offer. If projects create new homes and people purchase them as investments we can help them.

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