New facilities for Twickenham

Twickenham continues to be one of the most popular areas for property investment Richmond upon Thames has to offer. The area retains its village feel whilst also offering something to suit every type of resident. For example there are fast links to central London, good schools, beautiful stretches of riverside, and plenty of leisure, arts, and sports on offer.

On top of these fantastic features Twickenham is also receiving a number of new additions. Work is currently ongoing to create a brand new station, making travelling better for passengers and creating a brand new public plaza. As part of the project 115 new homes are being created.

In May a state of the art centre for sport opened in the area. It is hoped this and the ongoing developments will prove to be a solid foundation for sporting excellence for the future. The sports centre is primarily used by the local college and school but residents are able to use the facilities outside of hours.

Thirdly, the Richmond upon Thames School took in its first 140 Year 7 pupils this year. The new school aims to give students access to cutting edge facilities that will provide fantastic development opportunities and future employment potential. Interim accommodation for the classes has been set up at the local college whilst work on a permanent building for the school takes place. The development is expected to be finished by June 2018.

As you can see Twickenham is changing rapidly and evolving to become an even better destination for residents. All of these developments will make it an even more popular destination for property investment. The Finefair team will be here to help anyone who needs it.

When it comes to property investment Richmond upon Thames has plenty to offer. Twickenham should be right at the top of your list of areas to look at if you want to make a purchase. Homes close to the river, station, stadium, or local schools and colleges are the most in demand. Keep your eyes open for good deals in these locations.