New Early Years Hubs for Barnet

Earlier in January London Mayor Sadiq Khan revealed that Barnet would be one of the locations where Early Years Hubs will be set up. These facilities will be in place to help improve access to early years education for disadvantages children in parts of the capital. This move could prove to be fantastic news for families in the area and people considering moving to it.

The Mayor’s office revealed that London had fallen behind the national average for the take up of free early education for two year olds. Across the whole of the UK the average is 71% but in the capital it is just 58%. This difference could come down to a number of things including limited accessibility and a lack of knowledge in terms of what facilities are available. The new scheme will aim to improve this.

Funding of £175,000 will be provided for each of the four hubs being set up in Barnet. This will help to pay for services such as education, nursing, healthcare and family support. A toolkit will also be provided to help share learning.

The investment in the hubs will provide big benefits for children in Barnet and their parents. It will make early years education more accessible, supporting low income households in particular. As a result the children will have a better start to their education. Parents looking to return to work will be able to with more free time while their young children are out at the learning hubs.

Good schools are one of the many reasons people are attracted to living in Barnet. The new opportunities for early learning could attract even more people to live in the area.

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