Mews houses have a historic appeal for buyers

A mews house is a traditional style of British home, and they are often highly sought after by property investors and home buyers. Many of London’s mews houses were built in the late 19th century and were located down narrow “service streets”, behind the larger streets where affluent households were located. The mews house would usually contain a stable on the ground floor for horses, with servants’ living quarters upstairs.

With the introduction of cars and changing economic circumstances, the original function of mews houses became obsolete. Far from their original role, they are now regarded as highly desirable and quintessentially British homes.

Refurbished historic properties are very much appreciated by many buyers, and London’s mews houses are some of the finest examples of this, providing the perfect balance of modern comfort and practicality with historic charm. Many of them have been completely transformed into ultra-modern homes, with features such as gyms, home cinemas and contemporary lighting and audio systems. With only 433 original mews houses still existing in the capital, their rarity makes them even more appealing.

Besides historic mews properties, there are also various new build projects which take inspiration from the architecture of old-style mews streets. New mews properties often have a retail space or other kind of business premises underneath, with homes on the upper floors.

If you are looking to invest in a London property, a mews house may be the right choice for you. Although some historic mews homes run into the millions, many of the new builds are surprisingly affordable, as they are often fairly modest in size. Whatever kind of property investment you are considering, we can provide the help, support and advice you need to make the right choice. We cover Barking and Dagenham, Westminster, Bromley and all other London boroughs, and with our in depth knowledge of the capital’s property market, we can ensure you are fully informed about the entire process.