Merton schools continue to perform very well

The Department for Education recently released the revised results for Progress 8 on January 25th. It checks the results students have earned as they have progressed from Key Stage 2 on to Key Stage 4. Grades in up to eight different subjects are considered, including English, Maths, Sciences, Computer Science, and Languages.

The score is either above or below zero, indicating whether a school has made progress above or below the national average. Parents across the UK will be looking at the results to see how schools are performing, especially if they have children who are approaching secondary school age.

The London Borough of Merton secured the top spot in the ranking with 0.51. Secondary schools in the area continued to achieve outstanding results at GCSE and A Level. In addition, they had wonderful reviews in the latest round of Ofsted reports.

Attainment 8 results also showed that Merton schools are performing very well. While the first measure checks progress, this looks at what grades pupils actually got in eight key subjects. As a result it provides a better idea of achievement across the curriculum. The national average for Attainment 8 was 44.6 in 2017. Merton earned an average score of 50.2.

Ursuline High School in Wimbledon got the best overall result in the area with 59. Five other schools in the area scored higher than the national average. Only two came below it.

A record number of families are considering schools in Merton. This is further evidence of their achievement.

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