Merton records the best 2015 property performance

For two weeks of every year, the most well known area of the London Borough of Merton gains a great deal of attention from around the world. The Wimbledon championship is arguably the most loved tennis tournament, and many who would not normally watch the sport make sure they tune in to see the spectacle. While we all love watching the tournament, we focus on this area of London every week of the year with our extensive property services.

Merton recorded the best property price performance of any area in London during 2015. The increase in the value of Merton property was close to 30% on a year-to-year comparison, with the average value of a property set at around £670,000. As a comparison, the average property value across all of the London boroughs rose by 17% during the course of the last year.

There is no denying that Wimbledon and the tennis tournament have put the London Borough of Merton on the map. On a day to day basis, however, it’s the commutable distance from the borough to central London that makes it a highly sought after area in which to live. Wimbledon, along with Raynes Park, Colliers Wood and Mitcham, are very popular areas for homes amongst those who work in central London.

The high level of demand for homes in Merton has driven the buy to let market to very high levels of returns on investment for property owners. We work in partnership with local authorities to enable property owners to access the best returns, whether they are interested in private leasing or council leasing in Merton. Our guaranteed rent services make it possible for owners to attract rental income whether their property is occupied or not, with the added bonus of being supported by our expert maintenance and management services.

While for two weeks every June the whole world knows about Wimbledon, it’s an area we work in all year round. We have an in depth understanding of and dedication to this region, which puts us in the perfect position to help investors in this area.