Maximise on the capital’s thriving rental market

Over the course of the past five years, the average rental values across central London have risen by 15%. However, if we consider the effects of inflation, average weekly rents are just 1.4% higher than at the beginning of 2010. This makes the rental market a more accessible tenure than the sales market. Census data reveals that the primary contributor to the private rented sector becoming so popular with Londoners is affordability. Over a quarter of London households now reside in rented accommodation. This signifies a 15.5% increase in the last decade and in central London the proportion is even higher.

Further driving forces behind the tenure shift away from owner occupation and rented accommodation are the scarcity of affordable housing and the increasingly tightening restrictions on access to mortgage finance. A breakdown of performance by particular property type in 2014 shows that flats performed better than houses throughout central London in terms of rental growth last year. The average weekly rent for flats and apartments increased by 7.8% in comparison to houses that saw an increase of 5%. Weekly rents achieved an average of £882 per week across prime central London and when compared to the 2008 peak in the sales market, average weekly rents were 11.9% in 2014.

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