Marks Gate retains its agricultural heritage

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Marks Gate is the most northerly area in Barking and Dagenham. There has been a village here since 600BC. This was formerly one of the entrances to Hainault Forest, taking its name from this gate and the nearby medieval manor. Marks Hall was a twenty bedroom property with a moat and a large estate. Sadly the manor was demolished in 1808 and the land is part of a local farm. Incredibly though a 17th century brick barn is still standing and in use. Most of the moat also remains.

Development came later and the area expanded as a result in the 1950s. The expansion means the village is now home to three gates into Hainault Forest. A housing estate was built at this time too.

One of the surprising things about modern Marks Gate is the fact that agricultural activities are continuing. In the past there were acres of fields for growing wheat, oats, barley and other staples. While some of them are now homes, many still remain. There are even some newer farms that became available following the removal of parts of the forest.

If you are looking for a suburban village in Barking and Dagenham this is the ideal destination. There is plenty of green space and some good amenities. Romford is close by, giving people even more access to shops, restaurants, and transport links via the local station.

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