Margarine Works: 2,000 new homes

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A new masterplan

Maypole Margarine Works is set for new redevelopment. The 1million square foot factory may become a mixed-use site with 2,000 new homes and a park, as well as retail and leisure space. The proposal is at the pre-planning stage but work could begin in Autumn 2019 if the plan gets approval.

The former factory has a fantastic history. It was the largest margarine factory in Europe in 1895, operated by Danish company Otto Monsted Ltd. Maypole took over after World War I (1915) and within three years had a 50% share of the market in the UK. The company eventually became part of Unilever.

Mixed-use developer Montreaux bought the site in December 2017. Since then they have planning to redevelop. Impressively it has taken just six months from the original concept to a masterplan ready to apply for permission. If the project wins approval the first phase of homes could be ready to occupy in 2021.


There are rapid changes underway in Southall and across Ealing. It is becoming a hotspot for new homes because of the impressive transport links and available sites. Most importantly there will be a new Crossrail station in the area.

Margarine Works could be a very popular place to live. The new high quality homes will suit various needs because some of them will be affordable and others are available to rent. The project will also provide new community facilities while creating the neighbourhood.

There is a lot of excitement for the project. Finefair will be on hand to help investors in the future if they purchase the new homes. Because we offer the best property management Ealing has, we can ensure properties remain in great condition. If you would like to find out more about working with us, please get in touch.