Managing your property and paying your rent

Letting a property has great money-making potential. If you have a spare property, or even a portfolio of properties, letting can allow you to generate a good amount of money from your property. One of the major difficulties of letting out a property is finding the right tenant. However, our guaranteed rent service will ensure that you no longer have any difficulties with letting your property. Our team can ensure that you receive constant income, even when it is in a void period.

When you’re not working with professional lettings agents such as ours, there is always the risk of having an untrustworthy tenant on your property who pays late or may not pay at all. Likewise, finding a tenant requires time and effort. While the property is vacant, it is simply losing you money: you have to pay bills and taxes in order to keep the property, meaning that it will be a drain on your resources for every day that it does not have a tenant. That is why you need to seize the initiative and find a tenant as soon as possible, and that is where our team can help.

Our guaranteed rent service covers a number of bases. Firstly, we guarantee rent from the day that the property is leased to us. Once it has been leased, we will guarantee your rent and ensure that you receive payment on the first Friday of every month, even if your property is currently empty. We will handle everything related to the tenants and the property, from finding the right occupants to paying bills and council tax. We will carry out all viewings, reference checks and paperwork so that you aren’t burdened by having to find the right tenant.

You can simply lease the property to us, and you are relieved of the duties of running it whilst receiving reliable rental payments. We will carry out regular inspections to ensure that the property does not fall below an acceptable standard and, at the end of the lease, you will have your property returned in the condition that you leased it to us in. If you are a landlord who is constantly busy, living away from the area where you own property or simply want some peace and quiet from running your property, our team will help you with our knowledge of property management, investments and council leasing in Haringey and the rest of the capital.