Managing property in the heart of the capital city

London has seen a remarkable growth in property values over the last five years, with some areas of the capital city experiencing appreciation in excess of 60%. That property prices are rising so considerably and yet a significant percentage of them on the market are affordable is testament to the dynamics of the economy of both the city and the nation as a whole, which is exactly why the area holds so much appeal. Those who own properties in London, whether as a buy to let investment or for use by visiting guests and dignitaries, do however need to ensure that the upkeep and maintenance of it happens to ensure the value does not depreciate. To provide this, Finefair offer the most complete and effective level of service of property management City of London owners can arrange to have in place.

Over the course of the 21st Century Finefair have become established as the leading choice for property management services. With over a thousand clients trusting us to manage a wide and diverse range of properties in London we are proud to be considered as the pinnacle of professional property services in our prestigious capital city. Our track record for success and reliability is reflected in our stature as the preferred supplier of services for Local Authorities across the leading London Boroughs. The size and scope of our portfolio does not, however, stop us from assuring that each and every client receives dedicated, dynamic and direct service to meet all of their requirements and expectations.

The form of property management City of London owners attain from us is as comprehensive and complete as possible. We are committed to ensuring that your property is upheld and kept in the highest standards of condition and quality, seeking to guarantee that your valuable investment is always in the most prime and pristine position possible to both retain and grow in value. From routine, thorough checks and addressing any maintenance matters to managing tenants, Finefair ensure you get all the benefits you expected from owning property without a need for you to commit your valuable time and resources towards attaining them.

Whether you have one flat that you keep for visiting corporate clients or a large portfolio of properties, we at Finefair have the expertise, the resources and the dedication to service to manage your property to the highest possible standards. We are always honoured when someone trusts us to manage their property on their behalf, and we repay that trust with the most successful and rewarding experience possible.