Making money even when your property is vacant

Although we offer a wide and varied range of property related services for investors throughout the country, we are most well known for our guaranteed rent in Islington and across the rest of the capital. Guaranteed rent makes sure that you receive the rent money you are owed on time, each and every month, no matter what the circumstances surrounding your property investment.

As the preferred supplier of guaranteed rent in Islington and many other London boroughs, we are able to offer the highest rates to the investors we work with, giving them the opportunity to make a healthy return on their investment even at times when their property is unoccupied or if tenants are unable to pay due to a change in their financial situation.

You will receive payment every month at the same time every month, giving you a measure of consistency and stability which allows you to prepare for the future without worrying whether your plans will be derailed by a lack of income – for example, you may be thinking about making a new investment, travelling or saving for your family’s future or your retirement. Every buy to let investor has different goals and aims for the profits they make from their investment, and with guaranteed rent you can reach those goals without losing out due to unreliable tenants or changing situations.

Our schemes can be participated in for any length of time from one year up to a decade, so if you like the idea of having financial consistency and stability for up to a decade, get in touch with us and find out what we can do for you. We are ready to consider all properties, so don’t think that you will be exempt because your property is older, smaller or located in a different part of the country – contact us and we are confident you will be satisfied with what we can offer you.