Making Ilford the heart of East London

At the end of March a £15 million regeneration project got underway that will hopefully reposition Ilford as the heart of East London. The money is being invested in improving the town centre, beginning with the area outside of Exchange Centre and Chadwick Road. After phase one is complete work will begin on other parts of the area, including Ilford High Road, Clements Lane, and Cranbrook Road.

The aim is to regenerate large sections of the town centre, creating homes, jobs, business and leisure facilities, as well as improving outdoor spaces. It is hoped all of the work can be completed by 2019 when Crossrail arrives.

Amongst the projects will be a new public art exhibition. Griggs Approach is an important route into the town centre but needs some improvement. A site close to Ilford Police Station has been selected and will be improved by a new art installation.

All of the work is designed to encourage more people to choose to live in Ilford. With the regeneration and arrival of Crossrail the town will become one of the most well-connected places to live in east London. It could prove to be attractive to families and anybody who works in Canary Wharf, the City, or the centre of London.

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