Making sure Enfield properties are prepared for council leasing requirements

A key consideration for all property portfolio holders is how best to achieve a fixed, assured and secured return on their investment. With several factors creating uncertainty in the market, the number of ways in which this can be put in place have become limited.

One of the means still available to investors is the council leasing agreements we arrange, in particular in high demand areas such as Enfield. In our experience we’ve had a number of cases where owners have not considered this approach due to their perceptions of what’s required of a property to be given into the care of the local authority. Usually we have found these perspectives to be based on misconceptions.

One of the most common misunderstandings about council leasing agreements relates to the condition requirements of a property. Something of an urban legend has been formed about the standards needed to be in place, with the costs of meeting the criteria taken to be of a level which would make any agreement unprofitable. Whilst a property must be safe and habitable, it is untrue to suggest that the costs of meeting the authorities’ requirements are, more often than not, prohibitively high.

Through our outstanding working relationship with the authorities of the London Boroughs – we are proud to have been appointed as a preferred supplier – we have a full understanding of their requirements for properties being used for council leasing. Our complete and comprehensive range of property services has been designed to embrace this understanding.

When using us to enter into an agreement, whether in Enfield or in another part of London, we ensure that your property meets the expected standard. This is very much a “to and through” approach, as our maintenance team always makes sure your property is managed and looked after to the high standards you expect to have in place.

Council leasing agreements allow investors to access property returns that are both fixed and safe whilst also enabling an important need in society to be met. When you appoint us to act on behalf of you and your property you have access to our full range of services. We ensure that you get the best potential for returns available, and always work in a way which protects the value of your property.