Make sure you don’t lose out on rent

Guaranteed rent is a fantastic option for landlords who are concerned about receiving their rent on time, but many are wary of taking it on. However, when you work with us, you will have absolutely no worries about your valuable investment.

Our team is highly experienced and professional in regards to handling guaranteed rent, and when you take on our services, you can be completely assured that we will do all we can to cover all your needs. Our guaranteed rent service provides everything our landlords could possibly need, giving them a constant source of income and ensuring that the property isn’t just gathering dust, even during void periods.

Havering is one of the most popular London boroughs for prospective tenants and homebuyers as it is largely residential with plenty of open, green spaces. Landlords within the area can certainly enjoy the great attention that the borough attracts. If you own property in this East London borough, you should have no problem finding a tenant for your property, but if you are finding the process slow or even if you simply want to save time and stress, you can depend on our team to help.

Our guaranteed rent scheme ensures that your property doesn’t lose out even during times when you have no tenant. You will receive a rental income each and every month even if there is no tenant currently in the property. We will provide you with the highest rate of rent available, paid to you on the first Friday of every month directly into your bank account. We also ensure that your property is fully taken care of, with regular inspections performed to ensure that it remains in top condition.

With no commission charged, no management fees and the highest rent possible paid to you regularly, you can be fully assured that we offer the guaranteed rent Havering landlords can place their complete trust in. If you own property here and want to make the most from it, contact our team today and we will sign your property up.