Looking at Enfield’s new Local Plan

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Enfield Council is another local authority in the process of planning for the future. Their new Local Plan is in its early stages and will also soon open for consultation. The aim is to have it ready to introduce in 2020 but there could be delays along the way.

Green Belt

One of the headline inclusions in the draft plan is to allow development on green sites. Meeting house building targets in the Borough is tougher than many other areas because a third of the land is Green Belt. As a result it has additional protection against development. Therefore developers tend to focus on Brownfield sites in built up areas and the east of the Borough.

The plan is to consider allowing developers to build new homes on between 5-7% of the Greenfield land in Enfield. The aim would be to create far more housing for families and first time buyers.

Split opinion

Some councillors are in support of the plan because of the higher housing targets for the area. Others oppose the idea due to the fact there are still Brownfield sites to develop. In addition there is the thought that the developments could go against the New London Plan. This details that green spaces should be protected.

A big thing in favour of building on Greenfield sites is that it is generally easier. Redeveloping old industrial, commercial or residential land is harder and more expensive. This does not mean it is impossible or should not be done though.

Finefair urges investors planning for the future to look at the Local Plan. It could provide some good insights into what developments may be like in the coming years. Some of these could contribute to the impressive investment properties Enfield has to offer.

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