Looking at Chingford, Waltham Forest

There are several Outer Boroughs in London that are popular with first time buyers and investors alike. Both are looking for affordable homes that have potential for capital gains in the future. Finefair can help clients to find what they are searching for. We also offer the very best guaranteed rent Waltham Forest and the whole of London can provide.


There are many reasons why Waltham Forest is so popular. Firstly prices in the area have already shown impressive growth, establishing the area as a hotspot. In the last five years the rise in values has been better than any other part of the capital. The average price is still behind the value for the whole city. Another big attraction is there are many homes in the area available for less than £300,000. First time buyers love them because they avoid paying stamp duty.

There are a number of areas in this Borough that are worth looking at. One of the best is Chingford. Below are some of the top reasons to live here.


Although the area is in North London there are plenty of transport options. There are two stations so commuters can travel to Liverpool Street in around half an hour. In addition there are great bus services to nearby areas such as Walthamstow. If that wasn’t enough a nightbus from the centre of the city runs here.

Open space

There are several parks in the area, including the wonderful Epping Forest. This is one of the most attractive ancient woodlands in the whole of the UK. There is plenty on offer here, including special conservation areas to protect the diverse wildlife and trees. In addition there are lots of lakes and ponds. Cyclists love the park and you can also see plenty of people riding horses.

One of the highlights of Epping Forest is Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge. The building dates back to 1543 and had an extensive renovation in 1589. It provides incredible views of the park, including the former hunting grounds.

If you are thinking of investing there are plenty of reasons to look at Chingford. You can discuss your needs with the Finefair team if you get in touch with us. We are also happy to explain why we are the most reliable name for guaranteed rent Waltham Forest has. Alternatively, you can find out more on our website, including a helpful video.