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Buy to let represents an extremely appealing investment opportunity, and the potential for maximum returns continues to increase in the UK. Furthermore, recent studies reveal that the current boom in the market is likely to continue.

Interest rates are historically low, and with the demand for rented properties along with rental prices soaring, it is little wonder that an abundance of landlords and investors are taking steps to expand their existing portfolios.

The shortage of housing and the difficulties that people face when they attempt to venture onto the property ladder has resulted in a staggeringly high demand for suitable rental accommodation. This not only presents a golden opportunity for existing developers and landlords but many homeowners that wish to move but have no desire to sell their property are purchasing buy to let homes. Put simply, more and more people are discovering the many advantages of a tangible investment like property.

Whether you are entering the market for the first time or focusing on portfolio expansion it is important to arm yourself with knowledge of the market and its intricacies. As London’s preferred provider of property services and the premier lettings agent in Barnet and beyond, we can assist you with all aspects of investment, portfolio expansion and property management.

Every property investor we work with has their own visions and goals that are unique to them. It is our job to help you achieve those goals and the results you really want. Whether you wish to make your first purchase or expand your portfolio, we will work closely with you and make sure you secure the right buy to let properties for you. Our role is to make sure you maximise on your investments by increasing your income and locking in long term prosperous solutions.

Our experience exceeds ten years, and we are the name to trust due to our successful record and our capabilities of assisting our vast and diverse client base. When we locate a new property for you, we will thoroughly assess its potential for delivering even higher returns. Many properties have extra living space and amenities and typically present great opportunities for renovation and transformation into HMOs. Our services are designed to eliminate hassle and turn your investments into lucrative endeavours. Contact us to discover how our lettings agent in Barnet can help you with your property investment and portfolio expansion.