One of London’s best parks draw people to Harlesden

Over the last few years Harlesden has changed dramatically, completely transforming its reputation. Once an undesirable location with concerns about crime, the area has grown into one of the hottest locations for property investment Brent has to offer. Regeneration has driven the change.

The area has already seen a lot of regeneration work, including efforts to improve the shopping environment, a new road layout, and better pedestrian zones. On top of this new homes continue to be built on Brownfield sites. The prospect of a huge redevelopment project to create a brand new transport hub at Old Oak Common is also there. Although the work has seen numerous delays there is still a huge amount of potential.

Harlsden has plenty to offer residents, including prices that are rising at one of the quickest rates in the whole of London. Numerous investors have already been drawn to this fact and demand continues to push values up.

On top of this there is the iconic, Green Flag award winning Roundwood Park. The Victorian public park has a fantastic history and had a grand opening in 1895. A major part of the development saw 14,500 trees and shrubs planted across the 26.5 acre site. Surprisingly the architect Oliver Claude Robson chose to employ local civilians to do the planting rather than contractors. As a result the park has always felt like it belongs to the community.

There is plenty to do in Roundwood Park including exploring the beautiful floral displays. Wildlife lovers will be particularly happy with an aviary to visit, a wildlife area, and a fish pond that is home to turtles in the summer. Throughout the year there are a number of public events including one of the few fireworks displays in London on Bonfire Night, a fun fair, and circuses.

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