London is going through major changes

London is changing more now than ever before in its long history. The city is growing upwards and outwards at a fantastic rate, completely redefining the size and scale. Many areas are becoming more dynamic, with public spaces and street finishes working together to create a welcoming environment. Many structural changes have taken place too, with developments in infrastructure making some areas far more accessible than ever before. The development of the city is astounding both for its pace and broad focus.

Traditionally, Central London was framed by the City to the east and the West End in the opposite direction, whilst the River Thames provided a natural demarcation between the north and south. It was always assumed that development would stretch to the north and outwards, leaving the south underdeveloped. This has occurred to some extent, but a great deal of work is also taking place across the river where land is more plentiful and affordable. Perhaps most surprisingly though is the fact that a lot of the focus is on redefining the central areas of the capital.

Many observers are suggesting that the map of London is literally being redrawn, and there is plenty of evidence to support this claim. There are several major areas of redevelopment underway at the moment with King’s Cross to the north, the emerging “media quarter” around Tower Bridge and the Shard and the expansion of the South Bank to include the redeveloped Battersea Power Station and Nine Elms.

The space in between these projects is being referred to as “Midtown” and is also seeing its own regeneration. Typically the location was seen as one homogenised zone dominated by people working in the legal sector. However, this has changed dramatically in recent years, leading to seven distinct “villages” with people working in a diverse range of sectors including telecommunications, technology and media. Work is already underway to encourage integration between these new areas including using public space and transport links.

The changing map of London can bring difficulties for property buyers but also offers opportunities. The expansion of the city means you can look further afield and find the best place to put your money. You can also follow developments and find which areas will be benefiting from work the most to help you decide where to focus. As a property expert and lettings agent in Brent, we are on hand to help you invest your money wisely.