Locations with top schools enjoy higher house prices

New research from Lloyds Bank finds that some of the best investment properties in the UK are in areas close to top rated state schools. Homes in these locations are very highly sought by families and they are great long term investments if the school continues to perform. With limited supplies and high demand every new school year the price rises are very stable.

To put the attractiveness of the homes into perspective the data shows that properties in areas that are home to one of the top thirty state schools are worth an average of £366,744. This is a huge number when you consider that the average house price in the UK at the time of reporting was £282,353.

The growth in prices in the areas has also been very high. The average house price in the UK has grown by £43,145 in the last five year, an 18% rise. In the thirty areas with top schools prices have risen by over £76,000 in the same period, an astonishing 26% jump.

Although growth in excess of £76,000 in five years is impressive it is only the average. Of the thirty areas seven have seen values rise by over £100,000. The NW11 postal area in Barnet, home to The Henrietta Barnett School, has enjoyed the highest rise of any location. It has seen prices rise by an unbelievable £234,386 in five years, sending the average house price to £1,011,016.

With the above in mind it may be a good idea to have a look at the latest academic league tables when you come to searching for investment properties. These can help you choose an area where prices can be expected to enjoy good growth and a positive outlook for the future.

Owner occupiers can find a property in these areas that could prove to be a great investment for the future. Investors looking at buy to let can choose homes that will enjoy a great premium on monthly rental rates.

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