Which local council is focused on creating high quality social housing?

Southwark Council is leading the way when it comes to the volume and quality of new council housing the local authority is committed to building. The plan is to create 11,000 new homes in the area for social rent by 2043.

The above may be surprising to some but Southwark actually already has a solid reputation for and legacy of building homes when they are needed. In the post-war period several estates were created in the area, providing necessary housing. The local authority could once again lead the way in this regard.

One thing the Council is looking to do this time around though is build with sustainability and longevity in mind. In post-war Britain homes needed to go up fast to replace the multitude of buildings that had been destroyed. As a result quantity was the focus. That has resulted in the current situation where thousands of properties are nearing the end of their lifecycle at the same time that demand for homes is at its highest.

Designing and building new homes with sustainability in mind is very wise. It means the properties will last longer whilst also having a smaller impact on the environment. Additionally it is a better ROI in the long term.

In the last seven years Southwark Council has invested a huge £426 million to create properties for social rent that are good quality. Additionally they have been working to build partnerships with developers to get the best possible deals on projects.

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