Living space is highly sought after in London

As we all know, living space is an extremely desirable asset in London, and many people are living in and investing in smaller and smaller properties as a result of this. An example of one such property has gone up for sale this month.

A tiny house in Twickenham, Richmond Upon Thames, has gone on sale at £300,000. As the average house price in the UK is £185,000, this asking price demonstrates just how sought-after London properties have become, as people seek to snap up homes or investment properties in desirable areas of the capital even if they have to sacrifice space to do so.

This is just one of many small, compact properties which have gone up for sale in London in recent months. Although the house has just 322 square feet of living space, the owners have made the most of every inch, and the property boasts two bedrooms and a kitchen equipped with all the appliances you would expect in a larger home. Its most attractive feature is its long, spacious garden, which is actually larger than the property itself.

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