Living in an historic neighbourhood

At Finefair we work to offer the very best property management Kingston upon Thames can provide. There are many challenges with this, including having to deal with so many different properties. Luckily we have a team with great skills and passion for managing assets. Therefore we can scale a service to suit any need, from large family homes to blocks and estates.

There are plenty of areas in Kingston upon Thames with interesting histories. Coombe is one of the best though. It was originally home to a huge residence built in the 1750s. Since then it has become a very prestigious residential area with lots of homes with values in the millions. There are three private estates and two huge golf courses.

Ravenswood Court

One of the most impressive homes in Coombe is Ravenswood Court. The home was originally built by Field Marshal Douglas Haig, the 1st Earl Haig. He was commander of the British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) during World War I, leading during several high profile battles. The ten bedroom home has had some very famous names as guests. This includes American Presidents Eisenhower and Roosevelt.

The home is unique and has plenty of fantastic touches. For example there are medieval double doors that open on to a formal drawing room. There is incredible pine wood panelling, a very rare touch in a home in England. In addition many of the interiors are inspired by Scottish castles from the 12th century.

The home is not all traditional grandeur though. There are also plenty of modern touches to complement them. This includes an indoor swimming pool.

If you love history and want a home in a prestigious part of Kingston upon Thames, look at Coombe. There is plenty to love about the area as a whole, including some good schools and close proximity to transport links in neighbouring areas.

Finefair can offer property management Kingston upon Thames investors will love. Our focus is on keeping assets in the best possible condition. Therefore we manage them as if they were our own, being proactive and making sure everything is going smoothly.

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