Letting your property to students

New research has revealed that 70% of landlords have successfully let their private properties to students for the 2015 academic year. The bi-annual survey from website Accommodation for Students shows that a substantial portion of private landlords have let their entire portfolio, and an incredible 89% of relatively new property managers have successfully placed tenants in their properties. The landlords that have recently entered the market have instantly benefited from a greater and general understanding of the needs and expectations of students overall.

64% of respondents have stated a preference for letting their properties to students. Many students in London need desirable accommodation that allows for an easy and convenient commute. Research shows that an increasing number of young people in continued education wish to avoid living in halls of residence and independently acquire suitable rented properties. Market confidence is the highest in London and the growing demand within the student lettings sector is proving to be a huge success for landlords and tenants alike.

We deliver comprehensive property services to landlords and investors. From complete management to council leasing in Redbridge and beyond, we can handle it all. Our property management and guaranteed rent schemes are the preferred choice for landlords throughout London as they deliver comprehensive support and benefits. If you are considering letting your existing property or portfolio to students we can assist you. We can relieve you of property and tenant responsibility, guarantee your monthly rental payments, secure a suitable tenant and maintain the condition of your property.

The London rental market continues to flourish and with the influx of students looking for suitable properties, it is the perfect time to secure maximum investment returns. We will ensure you receive the highest rental income possible and you will at no time incur any periods without payment. Our role is to diminish any investment concerns you may have and secure long term financial solutions. If you are a first time landlord or you are interested in portfolio expansion, contact us.