Law reforms help London property owners boost income potential

With a fiercely contested general election coming in 2015, it is little wonder that the major political parties are making reference to reforms and improvements for the London property market an integral part of their manifestos. Despite being the capital and the economic lifeblood of the UK, London has for too long experienced restrictive laws and regulations which have had an adverse effect on both London property owners and the tenants who lease homes and premises. Recent reforms, such as removing the somewhat unusual requirement which saw one have to apply for planning permission for short term property leases, have been welcomed, and seem to indicate that the government and local authorities are striving to help the London property market. We are amongst those welcoming these changes, with our relationships with local authorities putting us in the prime position to ensure these reforms are a success.

Over the course of the last decade we have built up strong relationships with local authorities of the most prominent of the London boroughs, making us the perfect choice to assist you with your property investment in Enfield or any other part of the capital. For the property portfolio owner or potential property investor, we are able to offer full management services too.

We believe in giving you nothing short of a complete property management service. When you enter into an agreement with us, we undertake to ensure that your property is upheld and maintained to the highest standards possible. Our routine and regular property inspections are both thorough and proactive, with our team of property experts always being able to address and resolve any issues related to it.

Owning a property in London is a significant financial commitment. Most undertake it to attain the best return on investment possible, and neither expect nor anticipate just how much time and resources can be consumed by trying to manage and lease a property privately. With Finefair you are assured of receiving and enjoying the financial returns and benefits of property ownership, free of the need to commit time and resources to manage the property.