The largest regeneration for Bexley since the 1930s

In April Bexley Council released a manifesto for growth that sets out ambitious plans for the Borough for the future. The aim is to grow alongside London, creating new homes and jobs in the area. To achieve this will take the largest regeneration project in the area since the 1930s.

The draft strategy for the work is focused on the north of the Borough. It would see 31,500 new homes built and create around 17,000 jobs. The latter will feature crucial roles in infrastructure including GPs and teachers to help deliver the services that the multitude of new residents will need.

The huge number of new investment properties in Bexley that will be created is possible because of the arrival of Crossrail in 2018. It will provide new transport links for the area, increasing accessibility and commuting potential. Many of the new homes would be created close to stations, offering easy commutes to Central London, Boroughs in the West and Heathrow, and down into Kent too.

The plans call for a mixture of properties. Alongside high rises offering modern flats there would be family homes to cater for families and residents who need more space. Population density will increase in some of the areas as a result but the investment in new infrastructure will support it. Ultimately the idea is to create stronger communities.

The mix of properties will also extend to catering for different requirements. Homes will be available for purchase, with the local Labour councillor calling on creation of affordable housing, and to rent too.

As part of the project Peabody will develop a huge million square feet of land. This will form part of a housing regeneration plan that will create 11,5000 new homes.

If the project gains permission it could transform the area and see the creation of numerous amazing investment properties in Bexley. The regeneration certainly is being seen as a once in a lifetime opportunity to redefine the area.