Lambeth council is cracking down on rogue landlords

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To ensure that you succeed as a landlord, you need to stay up to date on all the latest developments. Ahead of new law amendments set to take effect in October, Lambeth Council is warning landlords of the changes. As a result of these changes, property owners shall need a license for every building that houses five or more people who aren’t related.

Taking on rogue landlords

This comes following the council’s introduction of its own strategies to combat rogue landlords. They will use powers set out in the Housing and Planning Act 2016. This could see the property owners receiving fines as big as £30,000. There could even be banning orders for dangerous and poor quality homes.

Under these new laws, any agent or landlord whose rental property holds five or more unrelated people shall require a license. This extends the current licensing rules. The local authority also specified that the property must include three or more storeys.

In order for them to continue renting their properties in a legal manner, landlords need to apply for this license prior to October 1st. With such a scheme in place, the council intends to protect more inhabitants from rogue landlords.

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