Kew is a really beautiful area

Richmond upon Thames regularly features prominently on the list of best places to live in London. In the Borough there are plenty of stunning locations to choose from. One of the best is Kew, home to one of the most famous botanical gardens in the world. The suburban setting is great and there are also plenty of benefits for locals.


The housing in Kew says a lot about the history of the area. There are a number of Georgian houses that date back to the period when wealthy people from central London had second homes by the river surrounded by greenery. There are also streets of homes from later developments, including the Victorian and Edwardian eras. In addition there are a number of newer builds, including luxury flats.

Investment potential

Renters are also attracted to Kew, creating demand for homes. There are two very distinct types of tenant. The first is corporates who are looking for properties in great riverside locations. They love the area for the peace, quiet, and good transport links, as well as wonderful amenities.

The second group of tenants are young couples. They tend to favour modern flats or smaller homes, renting in the area with a view to buy in the future. As a result the area has quite good staying power.

Both types of tenant can offer great opportunities for investors to make a healthy income for properties. If they purchase a good property in a great area, they could see a nice yield.

Advice and support

Finefair can offer an array of services for investors, catering for their different needs. We are the best for council leasing Richmond upon Thames has to offer, offering solutions with great assurances. If an investor is worried about void periods or struggling to find tenants, this could be the perfect option.

We are happy to provide services throughout the entire Borough, including in Kew. Therefore, if you would like our help or have any questions for us, please get in touch.