Keeping tenants safe and protecting your investment

As a landlord, it is crucial that your property is kept in the best condition possible, not only for the safety and comfort of your tenants but also to make sure it doesn’t lose any of its value. There is also the fact that landlords have certain legal responsibilities that they must fulfil, otherwise they may face the threat of legal action.

As a landlord, you have an obligation to keep your rented properties safe and to protect your tenants from health hazards, which means having repairs carried out as soon as possible. You must take steps to ensure that all gas and electrical equipment is safely and professionally installed and regularly maintained so that it does not pose a risk to health and safety. You must also provide an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) for the property and follow all require fire safety regulations, including fitting and testing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

Taking care of all repairs, maintenance and upkeep yourself will not be practical, particularly if you own multiple properties, so this often requires the help of an external partner who can deal with maintenance requirements as and when they arise. We can provide comprehensive property management in the City of London and throughout the rest of the capital, providing packages which include regular inspections and maintenance solutions.

In order to provide the highest standards of service, we have our own maintenance and repair operatives, many of whom are skilled in multiple trades. This approach enables us to get repair and maintenance tasks completed as soon as possible. Our efficient call handlers will schedule appointments at the most suitable times, minimising disruption both for you and the tenant. When you need management support that will protect your tenants from danger and help you to fulfil your obligations as a landlord, we are the number one choice for an efficient, helpful and attentive approach.