Investors are looking for 2018’s property hotspots

London is expected to remain a hot area for buy to let in 2018. Although prices fell slightly in a number of areas in 2017 there is still strong return on investment potential. There are plenty of good opportunities for capital gains in the long term. In addition, rental demand is high in a lot of areas so a good yield can be achieved.

Investors will already be looking for the best areas to invest in this year. If it is capital gains they are interested in, east and south London are the best destinations. Bromley for example had 16.56% average growth last year. The area may be one of the outer Boroughs but demand is high because property prices are more affordable than central areas.

Finding the next hotspot first is very rewarding for investors. It can help them to get in very early and secure properties before the expected rise in values occurs. This translates to higher capital gains.

How do you find a new hotspot?

The tricky part is actually finding the hotspot. It is easy when the prices are rising and demand is up but before that what factors indicate an area could see big growth? There are several vital things to look at. Most prominently you want to examine transport links, schools and local amenities. In addition, look at the distance to work and education hubs. Finally, have a look at regeneration plans.

Learning about a local area before investing is very wise. That way you can see what opportunities are available and get an idea of what the market needs. As a result you can make sure you choose the right course of action.

Finefair stands out from other companies because of our extensive local knowledge. We work all across the capital and always focus on delivering the best service. This has helped us to become one of the most notable teams for council leasing Bromley has. With attractive capital gains expected in the area many investors will be looking at buy to let. We can arrange this and give you the benefits of working with the local authority, securing rents and tenants.

If you would like to discuss your plans with us or need help looking for properties in an area please contact us.