Investing in property in central London

It’s no secret that the property market in London has become a hot topic amongst investors. Investment property in London is highly sought after and any investor who has the money is quickly getting into the market. Investing in London, currently burgeoning with growth in its housing market, can help to yield impressive profits for those who wish to tap into it. One needs only look at the statistics that have come out of the city in recent months to uncover a city on the grow and an investor’s dream awaiting them.

Central London is a great area for investors of all incomes. The good news for investors strapped for cash is that though the super-prime market, involving multi-million pound flats and mansions, remains flat, the prime market continues to grow, especially in central London. This means that you don’t have to pay as much for a highly sought-after property, leading to even bigger gains and only minimal risks of loss. In 2013, investment turnover increased by 39% compared with 2012, recording record growth. Though there are risks with investing, the market has never been hotter in central London and the investors who can afford to should turn to central London.

In central London, the vast majority of property is being snapped up by foreign investors and buyers. Any investor needs to act quickly in order to make the most of this burgeoning market, but the incredible demand for such properties means that any savvy investor will surely make a profit on any investment that they make. New build homes, in particular, are highly sought after. With the residential prices having soared by over 50% since 2009 and with the growth showing few signs of slowing down, a property investment can help you to make an excellent amount of money in the future.

One of the obstacles to investing is, naturally, finding the right property. You don’t want to sink more money than is necessary into a single property and you certainly don’t want a property that is high-risk. Even veteran investors may need help in tapping into this key area of the market. With Finefair, finding your ideal investment property in central London has never been easier. Offering high quality investor services, our dedicated, experienced team can ensure that you tap into this growing property market effectively and find the right property to invest in. We are highly experienced in all property matters including providing help with sales, investments and council leasing in Barking and Dagenham and all other London boroughs.

Whether looking to expand your portfolio or find the right property to begin with, you can rest assured knowing that you are safe with our expertise and knowledge within the property market for central London.