Investing in homes near quality schools

When parents and families are in search of homes to rent in the capital, the quality and proximity of local schools will naturally be among their main concerns. Schools with high exam pass rates draw large numbers of families to an area as they strive to secure places for their children. If you are a buy to let investor targeting families, Sutton could be a great borough to invest in.

Sutton has regularly been named as one of the country’s top performing authorities for education, with only Trafford, Kingston upon Thames and the Isles of Scilly performing higher in the last year. Wallington County Grammar, Sutton Grammar School and Wilson’s School all reached a 100% pass rate for GSCEs in 2015, while Nonsuch High School for Girls and Wallington High School for Girls achieved 99%. Wilson’s School has also announced that 24 of its pupils have been offered places at prestigious Cambridge and Oxford Universities.

With such impressive figures, parents who want the best education for their children will undoubtedly be searching for rental homes in the borough. This means that investors who own properties in this area will have plenty of opportunities to attract families, as long as you are able to offer them the facilities they need. Families with children will have different needs to students, single professionals and other kinds of tenants, so it is essential that you are able to fulfil their requirements and market your property in the most suitable way to reach them.

We can assist you with every aspect of investment properties in Sutton and throughout the rest of the capital, helping you to choose the perfect properties and make sure they are as appealing as possible for your prospective tenants. Just get in touch to speak to our experienced property team and find out more about what we can do for your portfolio.