Investing in a buy to let London property

Next to bonds and shares, one of the most common forms of investment is property. More and more people are entering the rental market and purchasing buy to let properties as the potential for remuneration is so great. Despite the recent troubled economic times the rental market continues to thrive.

The two main ways to make a profit from property are to buy for the purposes of letting and buy to sell at a later date. The central risk with the rental market is the fact that rental values fluctuate and when they fall there is always the chance that landlords will suffer a decrease in income. Thankfully in London we are seeing the polar opposite. Rental prices have experienced a rise greater than any other UK location and this is very positive news for landlords and developers.

If you are considering purchase for letting in London, you can benefit greatly from the assistance of professionals that provide unique investor services. We are the preference throughout the property market as we help our clients manage their investments and achieve their personal goals, even providing guaranteed rent in Lewisham and throughout the rest of the capital. By entering into a working relationship with us you benefit from our experience, knowledge and insight into the market and equip yourself with major advantages.

Our services focus on taking the risk out of investment for our clients. We work with a long list of proactive investors that have set themselves specific targets. Our full management services and guaranteed rent schemes deliver full assurance that you will see a return before you even buy your property. Our exclusive pre-auction service provides you with complete peace of mind before you lift your bidding paddle.

Our guaranteed rent and property management are specifically structured to maximise your income from each individual property. The length of term you work with us is entirely your choice and from anywhere between one and ten years we will provide a comprehensive management service. You will receive no bills, costs and no void periods under any circumstances. You will also be free from daily management issues and the responsibility of inspection and repairs.

Whether you have one property or a full and diverse portfolio, you will always receive a consolidated monthly payment into your bank, full advice from your friendly and dedicated manager and you will pay no fees or commission. For property management and guaranteed rent in Lewisham and every London borough, entrust your valuable investments to our hands.