Invest in lucrative HMO properties

There has recently been a rise in buy to let landlords looking for semi detached properties and specialist units such as multi-block units and HMOs. As optimism rises, landlords in the capital are planning for steady growth in the buy to let property sector. Recent research of the market shows that the percentage of landlords on the lookout for specific properties such as HMO developments has increased from 23% in the fourth quarter of 2014 to 35% in the first quarter of 2015.

The specialist lender Private Rented Sector Trends Survey has been monitoring landlord confidence and perspective of the buyer’s market for many years. Their data reveals a sharp turnaround in the demand for different property types, which is attributed to a more even distribution of interest across the property spectrum than we have previously seen.

The report also discovered that a higher proportion of landlords are optimistic about the future prospects of their property portfolios. Landlords, developers and investors are approaching the future with a sense of positivity, and the number of first time investments of buy to let landlords is expected to continue to rise throughout 2015.

The growing proportion of landlords looking to purchase buy to let properties is clear indication of growth in the private rental sector. The fact that investors are searching for different kinds of properties shows that landlords are taking a broader perspective, with a view to cater for the varied range of people looking to secure rental properties.

We have spent many years at the forefront of the property sector and we have helped hundreds of investors transform their properties into successful and lucrative HMOs and hostels. We specialise in helping our clients maximise on their investments and significantly increase the value of their properties along with their income.

Our team of HMO specialists has the skills, experience and industry knowledge to secure substantial returns on your HMO investment property in the City of London or any other area of the capital. If you are interested in HMOs call us today and discover the benefits of our services.