Why you should invest in Havering

When looking for accommodation in the capital, people have precise requirements. They want properties in areas with a thriving commercial infrastructure that are close to the city centre and offer convenient transport links. The borough of Havering is on the north east boundary of Greater London and offers exceptional road, rail and transport links. With such close proximity to central London and its historically successful commuter links, it is not surprising that Havering has grown into an attractive and highly sought after suburban area.

Havering boasts the second highest number of semi-detached homes in the capital, and is the only London borough with more than 10% of its housing being detached. The borough remains committed to the development of well-designed housing and the associated benefits, such as leisure and service, that accompany it. Recent years have seen the development of high quality properties and an increase in living choices in the area. An additional 970 homes are being added to Havering every year to increase the available property for buyers and investors, ensuring the countryside which accounts for almost half of the borough remains protected.

Havering offers 2000 acres of open space that includes two country parks and 40 local parks. 59% of the borough is green space, which is the highest concentration in London, and residents and visitors alike benefit from a healthy and high quality of life. There are several well established walking routes and Havering has been a designated biking borough since 2010. It boasts one of the most expansive entertainment, retail and leisure districts outside of Central London and offers a bustling collection of cafes, bars, restaurants along with a diverse collection of shops. It’s street market dates back to 1247 and the Havering Museum consistently offers exciting and appealing exhibitions.

The borough has become increasingly popular with buyers, investors and renters as it offers an impressive selection of lifestyle and leisure opportunities. If you are a tenant looking for rental accommodation or a landlord or portfolio holder we are the Havering letting agent that can help you find your perfect property in this thriving district. We offer property management, investor services and guaranteed rent schemes that make life easy for our clients. We specialise in finding you the right investment opportunities and helping you secure long term financial solutions.